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Exim4 - VHost/PGSQL/SA/VScan Configuration

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exim autoresponder problem with cr and lf

ok, here is my 'smart' question :-)

i have exim 4.6.
i use virtualdomains and postgres as a backend.

i set up autoresponder with text and subj from database
i also have a php script which insert or edit the autorespondertext to the db

if i enter a text with returns (lf/cr) in it
(lf/cr depends on client os) it makes exim crazy and autoresponder mail fails
because of unprintable characters the log says.

i replaced \n and \r and \p \t to "" and now i got no more linefeeds in the armail.
what is the correct character i have to provide here to get a new line?
raw input from textfield exim doesnt like much
i guess i have to replace something like \n nd \r to a character exim makes a new line.

any suggestions?

more info
solved only for subjects:

rocketmaster / verblendet

i tested some other things like the same way inserting text to db,
this cms still works fine for years with that.. :-)

my tronasport for ar:

driver = autoreply
# once = /home/Exim/spool/autorespond_once.dbm
# once_repeat = 1m
# once_file_size = 320
from = "${local_part}@${domain}"
reply_to = "${local_part}@${domain}"
to = ${sender_address}
# bcc = "${local_part}@${domain}"
subject = ${escape:${lookup pgsql {SELECT autorespond_subject FROM account WHERE \
name='$local_part' and is_alias='0' AND domain_id=(select id from domain where aktiv='1' and domain='$domain') \
and aktiv='1'}{ $value - autoRE: $h_subject } \
{Automagische Antwort from ${local_part}@${domain}}}}

text = "hello\
thanks for mail\

#text = ${escape:${lookup pgsql {SELECT autorespond_body FROM account WHERE \
# name='$local_part' AND domain_id=(select id from domain where aktiv='1' \
# and domain='$domain' and "local"=0) \
# and aktiv='1'}{$value}}}
log = /home/LOGS/Exim/exim_transportlog

if i use db lookup for text it fails with those linefeeds, but if use static text as above....

hellothanks for mailbyebyecyasoon

was send back!

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